Delonghi HS20-2 Convector Heater

As the cold of winter is setting in we are finding more customers are buying heaters to keep warm and toasty! We are selling the Delonghi HS20-2 Convector Heater for only 34.99

Only a few left in stock, can be taken directly from our superstore, follow this link for our address:


Preventing Food Loss in Warm Weather

Weather Warning!
It’s very warm right now and high ambient temperatures make fridges and freezers work much harder to achieve the same low temperature. We find that this can cause faults with overheating of compressors, sometimes resulting in power loss, meaning your food may go bad very quickly!
Please check fridges and freezers regularly in warm weather with a thermometer and be prepared to move food to a kind neighbor or nearby relative if you experience problems.
Temperature ranges
Fridges: 3 to 5 °C
Freezers: -18 °C
Call Us
Our expert engineers can visit your home (no call out charge for work accepted) to repair faulty fridges and freezers. Call us on 01132490496 or book online: