Leeds Jewish Housing Association

We just delivered and installed 4 appliances on behalf of Leeds Jewish Housing Association: http://www.ljha.co.uk/
  • Statesman electric cooker
  • Statesman fridge freezer
  • Akai microwave
  • Argos vacuum cleaner
See our website for more products: http://bellsdomestics.co.uk/

Small Appliances are back on our website!


Microwave Ovens – http://www.bellsdomestics.co.uk/smallap_micro

Vacuum Cleaners – http://www.bellsdomestics.co.uk/smallap_vacum

Kettles – http://www.bellsdomestics.co.uk/smallap_kettl

Irons – http://www.bellsdomestics.co.uk/smallap_irons

Toasters – http://www.bellsdomestics.co.uk/smallap_toast