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Appliance Repair Information

We came across a blog which was a little misleading so we would like to tell you about it, it’s about appliance repair.
“I’d like to address the statement “if an item has already broken down once before, replacement may make more sense” this is not always true. For instance, some parts are prone to wear and tear more than others, an example: an electric cooker with a faulty hotplate, replacing this part will always be far cheaper than replacing the whole cooker, usually elements are relatively cheap, labour costs can vary. Another example could be a washing machine: replacing the carbon motor brushes (a common wear and tear part) is even cheaper than replacing the motor, let alone the whole machine!

Although the manufacturer of the appliance can make a difference with some makes being more expensive for parts as they are only available as genuine, with non-genuine spares (identical to genuine – minus the official logo) repairs can become cost effective.

We currently hold many contracts with landlords and housing associations and are the service agents for “Amica, Statesman, Viscount, Premiere, Technix, Frigidaire, Iceking, Montpellier, Royale and Sovereign” due to us being able to repair appliances cheaply by using non-genuine spares.”
Thanks for reading. We aim to develop our own blog more and provide this kind of information to all our customers who want to save money:www.bellsdomestics.co.uk/blog.php