Appliance Updates

We’ve finished updating our laundry section with new appliances, next up – refrigeration
New fridge, freezer, fridge-freezer and side-by-side fridge freezer updates coming soon!


Bosch Laundry Prices in now!

Prices are now available for the following Bosch laundry products.

  • Washing Machines
    Washer Dryers
    Tumble Dryers
    Built In Washing Machines
    Built In Dishwashers



Bosch Fair Pricing Scheme Underway


Bosch Fair Pricing Scheme Underway

Right now we are working on a competitive pricing scheme for our Bosch appliances and have just completed the laundry section on our website;

Next up is the cooking section, so be on the lookout for some more great offers from the Bells Domestics team very soon!