Thanks to the good response we got from ‎Foosle‬, ‪‎Indeed‬ and‪ ‎JobisJob‬ we have taken on 2 new staff members to fill the office junior and trainee driver/installer positions at ‪‎Bells‬ ‪‎Domestics‬. For those who didn’t get hired, we thank you for your applications and wish you the best of luck in finding work.


New Website

Our new website is up and running, please see: http://www.bellsdomestics.co.uk
Small appliances are not available to view at the moment but will be soon. Also a small note, you can now reserve orders online to collect by going to the product page of any appliance and clicking the reserve button.
We would like to say thanks for being patient with us and we hope you now enjoy a smoother online experience with Bells.