Stock Update

We have updated our laundry section with new models in the following categories;

Washing Machines (free standing & built in)
Washer Dryers (free standing & built in)
Tumble Dryers (free standing & built in)
Dishwashers (free standing & built in)

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Buy Now/E-commerce

A few customers have mentioned to us that the “buy now” button on our mobile website did not work. The reason for this is we do not yet have an e-commerce solution in place but are planning on providing this function in the near future.
We have changed our “buy now” button to say “contact us” on both our mobile and main website with the button being linked to our contact page.

Buy Now Orange

We are sorry for any confusion and will continue to listen to our customers and keep providing the best service we can offer. Please feel free to leave us a comment on this or any other subject here: